Finally, Get Your Baby Sleep Consistently Without Using The Crying-It-Out, Ferber Or Other Rusty Techniques And Reclaim Your Life Back
Personalised sleep solutions for newborn to six-year-olds that WORK. With tools from the science of sleep and a mother’s heart, I’ve got you covered.
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More ZZZ... For Every Age
Ready to go from feeling insecure and unprepared to confidently laying a healthy sleep foundation for your little baby?

4-8 Months
Navigating 4 month sleep regression and separation anxiety with ease, while building structure at home and leaving room for flexibility.

9-12 Months
Welcome to the mobile phase of walking, maybe zooming through...and knowing what they want. Proven strategies to get your baby sleeping 11 hours at night with your guidance.
13-24 Months
Their personalities start to shine. Navigating nap transitions and their need for control can be tiring. It’s time to learn the basics and use your intuition plus the science of sleep to get your toddler to love to sleep.

3-6 Years
Preschooler’s are their own personality type. Perfecting in their stalling tactics for bedtime and sleeping in parents bed (not because they start to come to parents' room and come out of the bed, stalling bedtime for 1 hour). Here is how to navigate this with success.
Hi, I'm Carolina
Mama of 2, Awarded Top Pediatric Sleep Consultant Specialising in Gentle Sleep Results, Faculty member on the Family Sleep Institute, and International Children’s Book Author
I used to think that life was about climbing the corporate ladder. Coming from a family of immigrants, self-made entrepreneurs and being first generation born in America, my future was already determined at a young age. Pursuing success in the finance industry. And that is what I did for more than a decade working with sharks from Wall Street.
I did not know my true life's purpose would be found when I became a Mama, who had to figure out how to end strong baby blues and overcome feeling like failure as a new mom and a wife, because my little one just could not get to sleep...
I went on a mission to discover what actually worked and shared my tools and strategies with other moms. When they started to call me Carolina, The Baby Sleep Boss, I knew I was onto something.

Now, with thousands of successful sleep cases, as well as pediatricians using my Sleep Trifecta Method, I'm aligned with my heart in helping families all over the world achieve blissful sleep quickly.

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Secret To More ZZZ... 
Forget the Cry It Out method.

I combine my many certifications and years of experience in my exclusive system, The Sleep Trifecta, and tailor it to your specific and unique family needs.

Not sleeping, especially consistently, is a symptom of something deeper. Looking at the child as a whole, from their sleep needs, sleep environment, nutrition, and behavior is the key.

Every child has an age-appropriate amount of sleep their bodies need in order to function to their fullest capability.

I’ll determine what the proper amount of sleep is for your child based on his or her unique needs and age, then leverage the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) to get everyone the best sleep possible.

We’ll also ensure your child’s space becomes a sleep haven so they will easily drift off and even enjoy going to sleep!

My work is never one-size-fits-all, because we all know that really means one-size-fits-none!

I take time to learn about you, your child, and your environment then use my intuition as a mother myself and my experience to apply The Sleep Trifecta in your bedtime routine.
'Sleeping' Clients Worldwide
'Sleeping' Clients Worldwide
4.9/5 Stars
Client Reviews
Client Reviews
Awarded TOP Sleep Consultant
Faculty Member
How I Can Help
Did you know the sleep training method itself is only 10% of the whole process?

Let me walk you through the easy steps that will get your child sleeping 10-12 hours through the night, create structure and at the same time provide you flexibility to live your life to the fullest.

It all starts with booking a FREE consultation call with me. We’ll uncover what’s going on with your kiddo’s sleep and how we can help.
Pick The Perfect Plan
q&a Session
(30 min)
Perfect for a tune up, a specific issue, or general questions about sleep and sleep plans. For upto 30 minutes, it's just you and me chatting on the phone where you can ask me any sleep related question. It's your chance to get my ears and eyeballs on your specific sleep problem and discuss a solution together. With nearly a decade of working with hundreds of successful cases around the globe, I am here to share with you.
  • Upto a 30 minute session
  • ​One topic per session
  • Gentle Sleep Techniques will always be advised
Only $99.

Sound good? Click the button below to get started!
Mini Sessions
(7 sessions with 2 Months of support)
Want support for a specific sleep challenge?
Sweet sleep. You need it. Especially now! And so does your baby. Sign up for a package of 7 sessions to get private support quickly with me or one of my team members, personally trained by me.
  • 7 Sessions (first session is 1 hour long, plus 6 x 30 min follow up sessions)
  • ​2 Months of Support
  • ​Customized nap and bedtime sleep plan based on Sleep Trifecta
  • Digital Sleep Log
$1250 or
2 Payments of $650

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Group Support
(5 weeks)
Tired parents don’t need more coffee... You need more sleep! Seriously, - sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of icky health problems later, even delay in children’s development. This program allows you to participate in an intimate and private group, with parents going through similar sleep struggles. Perfect for kiddos from 6 months to preschool age.
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One-on-one Support
(Over 2 or 6 months)
Ready to work 1-on-1 with me?
This program is exclusive to families that are ready to start sleeping ASAP.
Let's have the issue at hand resolved fast. After that, I'll be taking you by the hand to address each milestone: teething, traveling, illnesses and any other potential sleep disruptions. You will have unlimited access to me to ensure better sleep for your family.

From $2,500 to $6,000.

Click the button and select a time for your no-obligation consultation!
What Parents Say
Don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of my clients have to say about working with me:
"It’s probably the first time in many, many months where we are sleeping. I truly, truly appreciate what you have done for me."
- Laura
"We are now sleeping! We enjoy adult time when she goes to bed. She’s 2 but I haven’t slept since I was pregnant with her..."
- Anna & Derek
"Sleep before you was non-existent. At night she’s got her bed time routine, goes to sleep, wakes up whenever we need her to wake up. There’s no guessing really."
- Miri & Mitchell
"Carolina saved me and my son"
- Eliona (3 months)
"I'm so happy and relieved and just feel like my old happy self again!"
- Olya (2 years + 7 months)
"Now I put her down, say goodnight and off to sleep she goes."
- Alla (2 years)
"From feeding twice a night to sleeping through the night. Thank you, Carolina!"
- Julia (8 months)
"I could not be more happier with the services. My baby is getting her sleep!"
- Julia (10 months)
"The freebie call has netted me 10-11 hours of sleep per night"
- Yana (6 months)
"Carolina is a joy to work with."
- Jessica (15 months)
"After only 2 days my son slept through the night and is having better naps. Carolina is a sleep goddess."
- Marina, mom of 3 (7 months)
"Just Press Play" Podcast
'Just Press Play' Podcast is for parents who want to take the guesswork out of a good night sleep.
Join me weekly for interviews, simple sleep actionable strategies, case studies and behind the scenes in my practice. All while serving you with the tools from the science of sleep and a mother’s heart, I’ve got you covered.
Let's Connect!
I host a Facebook group called "Mama Needs Sleep with Carolina". My Team and I are very active in there and have some amazing advice to offer for everyone who is looking for a community, more insight, more support and expert guidance.
Join the hundreds of blissfully sleeping families today. 
See you inside!
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