Newborns (0-12 weeks)
'When Will I Start Sleeping Again?'
Are you ready to go from feeling insecure, unprepared and confused about all the advice out there to confidently laying a healthy sleep foundation for your baby and decreasing the need for sleep training later on?
My online Newborn Sleep Masterclass will help you do just that.
Feeling confused on what to do with all the conflicting advice?
In today’s world, it's easy to get sucked into being perfect and learning all the 'rules' about babies

But what about you? What about your sleep?

After all, being a parent is a never ending learning process and your baby is your honorary student.

You might be experiencing periods of tears (you and the baby) and not understanding how to calm your fussy one for naps and bedtime. 

Or do they have to sleep on you, or be in motion to get some sleep, when all the books, blogs, and mommy friends tell you they need to sleep in a dark room with white noise, and by themselves? 

You have tried a LOT of things, and nothing is working. 

Or maybe you have a very active schedule and travel on the go?

So how can you create that balance? 
There is a science and an art to navigating this stage.
Newborn is the perfect age to lay a healthy foundation for sleep, which will carry over for months and years to come. 

Imagine, not needing to sleep train later on? 

Seriously - that’s where this program came about. 

Want My System?

You'll learn the foundations for healthy sleep, while bonding and snuggling with your baby. Without the fear of 'spoiling them'.

This class will help you:
  • Easily calm a fussy or crying newborn
  • Understand your baby's sleepy cues
  • Develop a healthy sleep routine from the start
  • ​Decrease the need for sleep training later on (seriously)
  • ​Best utilize sleep schedules
  • ​Create stability and structure while allowing room for flexibility
  • ​Learn everything about newborn naps, feedings and night sleep

"Carolina saved me and my son. He would not sleep in his crib during the day, only outside in the stroller. I had to go out even when it was raining to make him sleep! Now he is an angel sleeping in his crib during the day and his nights are glorious. I am so happy with the results. Such a freedom to know how to help him get the sleep that he needs to develop himself! Carolina is the best! "

- Eliana V.

This class is:
  • No Cry-It-Out approach (not my thing...)
  • Top Newborn Sleep Class in NYC
  • Breast and Formula Feeding Friendly
  • Evidence-based
  • ​Best utilize sleep schedules
  • ​Curated by Award Winning Sleep Consultant and Mentor at the Family Sleep Institute
  • ​Provides flexibility when needed along with structure
  • ​Ideal for newborns and up to 16 weeks
Yes! You can hug, hold, snuggle and rock your baby while still building a healthy sleep foundation.
Here's EVERYTHING You are Going To Get With This Special Offer!
  Live 90-Minute Small Virtual Group Class
($297 Value)
  Live Q&A - Get Answers For Your Specific Situation
($297 Value)
  19-Page Sleep Manual (Newborn To 4 Months)
($97 Value)
What Parents Say
Don't just take my word for it. Here is what some of my clients have to say about working with me.
Need To Know More? Here Are Some FAQs:

 Should I get the Newborn Sleep Masterclass or one of the Coaching Programs?

The Masterclass is a great way to get started, set up the groundwork and get all your questions answered. If you've tried everything before or soothing and putting your baby to sleep has been very challenging, a more personalised program would be better suited for you. You can book a no-obligation, free Consultation to explore your individual situation here

 Does the Masterclass cover formula-feeding? 

Yes, the Masterclass works for both breast and formula-feeding babies. With thousands of successful sleep cases, as well as pediatricians using my Sleep Trifecta Method, I got you covered.

 Will I get the chance to ask specific questions?

Yes, a live Q&A session is included and you get to ask as many questions as you need. 

 Will the Masterclass show me how to make my baby sleep through the night? 

At this stage, your newborn is not ready to sleep through the night yet. However you will learn the fundamentals and lay a healthy foundation for sleep, which will carry over for months and years to come. You will learn about the ideal sleep environment, how to minimize over-tiredness, ideal schedules and routines and different methods to sooth your baby and make him fall asleep faster. 

 Will I learn the perfect sleep schedule for my baby?

Yes, my approach and method are based on evidence and you will get a sleep schedule for your newborn that will help you lay the foundation of your baby's sleeping schedule.  

 What happens if I have more questions beyond the program?

You will get a 19-page step-by-step manual and you'll have access to our our Facebook Community where you can always ask as many questions as you need. 
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