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"Her approach didn't involve CIO... From feeding twice a night to sleeping through the night. Thank you, Carolina!" - Julia
"From rocking my son for over 2 hours, to just saying sweet dreams and sleeping peacefully independently" - Jane
All Of These Sleep Success Stories Started With A Sleep Strategy Call
"We are now sleeping! We enjoy adult time when she goes to bed. She’s 2 but I haven’t slept since I was pregnant with her..." - Anna & Derek
"My son would not sleep in his crib, only outside in the stroller... I had to go out even when it was raining to make him sleep!.. Now his is an angel... Carolina saved me and my son." - Eliana
"Ohhh myyy goddd best money ever spent!!!" - Olya
"After a week my son is sleeping through the night in his own crib!! And our room is ours again too!!" - Amanda

Read Commonly Asked Questions 

 "Why should I choose you?"

You will have a dedicated award winning sleep consultant by your side daily to solve and support you throughout the entire process. This helps to eliminate any room for error.
With almost a decade in this field, and proven results from over 1,000 well rested families, I can easily pinpoint “what to look out for'' and the exact steps to implement to achieve your goals.
I work on a layered approach in a holistic environment to uncover the root cause of your sleep challenges and solving that.
This is NOT your average form of traditional sleep training, like going in every few minutes in the room. My unique process takes away self doubt you might be having. On top of receiving my expertise, you're also getting access to my large network of the top specialists in all fields related to parenting and pediatrics on my advisory board. Such as nutritionists, various pediatric therapists, psychologists, ENT’s, pediatricians, allergists, IBCLC’s, and newborn care specialists to name a few. This alone will save you thousands.
Whatever “healthy sleep” looks like for your family, we will achieve that together as a team.

 "What is your success rate?"

It is 99% as I provide all the solutions (with close to a decade of proven results for clients). And the 1% is based on you - mom/dad. How consistent you are with implementing this simple process. 
My teacher always told me, knowledge is nothing if there is no constant implementation. That is where the magic happens. 
My modern science-based method, Sleep Trifecta™, has already helped over a 1000 families worldwide sleeping through the night and there should be no reason as to why it can’t work for you. 

 What age groups do you work with?

This method suits best kids from 4 months until 6 years old, and we focus on getting to the root of the problem. For newborns (0-4 months), we focus on building the foundation first. And the best part is I actually teach you how to decrease the need to sleep train later. How cool is that?!

 "I've already tried so many things and I don't know who to trust anymore..." or "I've aready read every book. How can you help me?"

A large percentage of my clients have already done the “I’ll try this myself” aspect. And they have literally told me “Carolina, you are my last resort.” I know. No pressure lol. That's because there truly is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to sleep challenges, and you are tired. A tired brain can only do so much. Especially when there are SO many variables.
What we are doing together is finding the root cause of the sleep issue and creating solutions based on your unique situation. All the while using the Sleep Trifecta™ system. This will not only solve your current situation, but also help you keep long lasting results. Not only do I want to get your family sleeping well again, but I also want to ensure that you feel confident in handling your child’s unique sleep needs for years to come.  

 A note about the “crying” question... “Will I have to leave my child to cry?”

Nope! Here’s the thing. No one likes hearing a baby cry! And I’m not going to sugarcoat the fact that changing a habit won’t involve some tears at some point. While you might’ve been led to believe that the “cry it out” approach is the answer to get your little one to sleep through the night… It’s not. Not sleeping is a symptom of something much deeper and finding the root reason is the key. You then build on that using the Sleep Trifecta with it’s 3 layer approach decreasing tears and simultaneously building trust.

 Will it work if we co-sleep?

Most families that come to me are currently bed sharing with the goal of getting their little one sleeping in their own crib. If this is your goal, let’s make it happen!😃

 Can I breastfeed and make sleep changes?

YES! Breastfeeding and healthy sleep definitely can co-exist and live in harmony and even enhance the breastfeeding relationship.

 “I have other caregivers that help. Will I still be able to sleep train or will it mess things up?”

As long as everyone will be on the same page, you will be golden.❤️

 Are your services covered by insurance?

While I can not bill insurance directly, should you choose to use your HSA or FSA funds for my sleep services, I can provide you with a detailed invoice and other supporting documentation to submit to your insurance company if needed. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that my services will be eligible for reimbursement.

 Do you have a Guarantee?

When you join my private practice as a client, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our Money Back Guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event you don't see any results by the end of the program, I’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with me – no questions asked.
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