Pediatric Sleep Expert & Mom Of Two Reveals:

How To Get Your Child To Sleep Through The Night Consistently And Have Long Naps In Less Than 4 Weeks

All Without Rocking or Holding, Constant Night Feeds, Or Taking Them To Your Bed As The Last Resort...
Even if they have reflux.

100% No Cost
Carolina Romanyuk is a Mom of Two who went from working on Wall Street and being sleep-deprived and depressed to becoming a Top Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who helped Over 1,000 families sleeping well Since 2013.
In this exclusive FREE training you will learn:
  • A New Way to teach your child to become a great sleeper without traditional sleep training (this modern, science based method has already helped Over 1,000 Families sleep well), and Why Cry-It-Out, Ferber or other rusty techniques or same old tips have failed you.
  • ​How popular sleep books, e-guides and mommy groups can fail parents and the 90% OF THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION THEY ALL MISS.
  • Little known "Natural Sleep Stealer" that always affects little ones around day 5-10 on their journey to becoming a great sleeper. No more feeling like "I've just made 2 steps back after 1 step forward".   
Learn The Secrets That Doctors And INSTA-famous Sleep Consultants Don't Want You To Know About, During This Exclusive Training!
"And get this -- with NO TEARS! I could not be more happy. My baby is getting her sleep!"
  • Founder of Sleep Trifecta ™ Process 
  • ​Helped Over 1,000 families sleeping well since 2013
  • ​Family Sleep Institute Faculty Member
Hi, I'm Carolina
I used to think that life was about climbing the corporate ladder. Coming from a family of immigrants, self-made entrepreneurs and being first generation born in America, my future was already determined at a young age - pursuing success in the finance industry. And that is what I did for more than a decade working with sharks from Wall Street.

I did not know my true life's purpose would be found when I became a Mama, who had to figure out how to overcome persisting baby blues and feeling like failure as a new mom and a wife, because my little one just could not get to sleep...
I went on a mission to discover what actually worked and shared my tools and strategies with other moms. When they started to call me Carolina, The Sleep Boss, I knew I was onto something.

Now, with thousands of successful sleep cases, I'm aligned with my heart in helping families all over the world achieve blissful sleep quickly.
  • Founder of
  • ​Helped Over 1,000 families sleeping well since 2013
  •  Family Sleep Institute Faculty Member
Free Training Reveals The Secrets To Finally Get Your Little One Sleeping Through The Night, Consistently.
100% No Cost
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